Sunday, 27 April 2014

New Release! - Alien Probed - Special agents get probed so no one else has to

I'm excited to announce the release of the first story in my Sex Ambassador Section series. The agents in SAS volunteered to be alien experiment subjects. Governments of the world, tired of having their citizens abducted by aliens and experimented on, created the Sex Ambassador Section. The agents live out in the open while everyone else lives under a protective shield. Their mission: be abducted by aliens and experimented on.

In the first book Jocelyne and her team finally get abducted. They're the last North American team to be taken up into the spaceship. Eager for the sexual torture and ongoing orgasms, Jocelyne is thrilled when their truck finally gets sucked up into a ship. When she wakes up tied to a metal table, unable to move, she second guesses her enlistment. Until the pleasure comes. And comes. And comes.

Alien Probed Blurb:

Three friends enlist in the government's Sex Ambassador Section, an arm of the government that sends agents out to be abducted and experimented on by aliens. SAS agents think they know what they're in for, they've heard the alien abductee stories for years. They're eager for the sex experiments to begin. But when Jocelyne and her team are finally taken, it's not at all what she imagined.

It's better.

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