Sunday 22 June 2014

Threesome? Yes please. In theory.

When I was younger I wasn't that adventurous when it came to sex. I enjoyed it but the most interesting thing I did was try new positions with my partner. As I got older I became more curious. When I was in my twenties I had the opportunity to have a threesome - me and two guys. Like a crazy person I said no. Well, I think it's crazy now. Back then I don't know what I was thinking when I said no to two hot guys who both wanted to have sex with me. At the same time. Part of the reason I didn't do it was because they were cousins. Looking back now, it was a great scenario. I wasn't dating either of them so there would have been no jealousy after the fact. It would have been an experience I would have remembered for a long time. Maybe even one I wanted to repeat if I liked it as much as I now think I would have.

I would love to try a threesome now but I want it to be my husband, me and another woman. Trouble is we don't have the same taste in women. There are very few women that we both find attractive so finding a suitable woman would be difficult. There's also the jealousy issue. We don't practice spouse swapping and I really don't like to share. As much as I think I would be okay with another woman having sex with my husband, and me, I don't know if jealousy would rear it's ugly head or not. I've done the casual friends with benefits thing and would have been fine sharing then. But my husband is the first man I've truly loved.

Still, the idea intrigues and arouses me. So much so that just the thought of sharing a bed with my husband and another woman has me jumping his bones. I wonder if one day we'll get to the point where a threesome is a viable option for us. We have discussed it before but it's never gone past the discussion phase because of that different taste in women thing. Maybe that's why I write a cheating husbands series where the wife takes part. I can live the fantasy through my stories for now until (if) it happens in real life.

Would you share? Have you participated in a threesome? Would you do it again?