Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Release! - A Twisted Affair - Greg's wife tells him what to do with his mistress while she watches

Finally! The second story in the Cheating Husbands series is available. Cheating husbands doesn't sound sexy but this is a different kind of affair. Greg's wife is okay with him having a mistress but there are ground rules. Rules that must be followed if he wants to see his lover again. Mirna dictates when and where Greg can have sex with Sonia. And his wife tells him exactly what to do to the perky blond, opening up a world of sexual pleasure Sonia didn't know existed.

In A Twisted Affair, Greg's wife Mirna plans on a little torture for her rival. Orgasm torture. So of course she instructs her husband to tie his little minx to the bed and doesn't let him stop pleasuring the woman until Sonia can't take it anymore.

I have to admit, writing this story turned me on like crazy. I can't wait to write the next in the series. What will Mirna make her husband to do Sonia next? But first, the official blurb, a short excerpt, the cover and buy links!


Sonia is eager for Greg’s touch but will she like what his wife has in store for them?

Finally able to arrange another romp in bed, Sonia can’t wait for Greg to take her hard and without protection while at a science fiction convention. The catch - they have to do what his wife says. And his wife has an evil streak in her.

Greg’s wife instructs him what to do and if Sonia says no the affair ends. Worse than that, she might force Greg to quit his job so Sonia can't see him anymore. They agree to play her game but neither are prepared for what his wife has in store for them.

This 6,000 word short story is for adults only. It includes light bondage, orgasm torture, oral sex, and sex toys between consenting adults and some readers may find it offensive.


Greg left the bed to search through his overnight bag. He pulled out black straps with Velcro on each end. He looked at the accompanying picture, then went over to the bed. Sonia got off the bed so Greg could put the contraption under the mattress leaving four straps dangling down the side of the bed. Two at the head and two at the foot.

"Perfect," Mirna said. "Now Greg take off your clothes."

Greg divested himself of his clothes in record time. He was already half hard. It wouldn't take much to get him rock hard and ready for her.

"Excited, are you dear? Sonia, your turn. But go slowly and fondle yourself as you strip."

Sonia's hands shook as she unbuttoned her top. She obeyed Mirna's instructions taking her time with each button before sliding one side down her shoulder. She let the other side fall, then let the garment drop to the floor. Standing in her bra and jeans, she unzipped her pants and shoved them down her legs. Now in just her undergarments she cupped her breasts, flicking her nipples into hard peaks while Mirna watched. Mirna massaged her own nipples in time to Sonia.

Sonia unhooked her bra and tossed the lacy slip of fabric to a chair. Her breasts heavy with arousal, they ached to be touched, suckled. Sonia squeezed them together, then pinched her nipples into harder peaks. Mirna did everything Sonia did, the other woman's eyes half closed with desire.

Sonia skimmed her hands over her stomach and cupped her mound through her soaking panties. She rubbed with her finger lightly until she couldn't take it anymore. She whisked her underwear down her legs, kicked them aside, and plunged a finger into her throbbing wet pussy.

Mirna followed suit, pushing her own finger inside herself. "You're sufficiently wet, Sonia?"

Sonia nodded.

"Show me."

Sonia withdrew her fingers. They glistened with her juices. Her pussy missed their intrusion. She wanted Greg inside her now. She wanted to come again, with him buried deep inside her. But that was all up to Mirna.

"Good. Greg, suck her juices off her fingers. Do not touch her except to suck her fingers."

Greg walked over, keeping an inch of distance between them and took her fingers into his mouth. He sucked hard, rolling his tongue around her fingers to get every last drop of her. He stopped sucking and turned to the camera.

Mirna still plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy, her breathing getting quicker. The woman took a deep breath and pulled her fingers out.

"Good. Sonia, go to the bed and lay down. Greg strap her arms and legs."

Sonia walked to the bed on wobbly legs. Desire, fear, anticipation crashed through her as she took her position on the bed. Greg took her wrists gently in his hands and carefully strapped her down with the Velcro bindings.

"Is that too tight?" Greg asked.

She jerked her arms slightly to test the give. If she truly wanted to get out the Velcro would give way if she yanked hard enough. "They're good."

He moved to the foot of the bed. She desperately wanted him to kiss her from foot to head like he had earlier. But he had to do what Mirna said. Obey her every direction. And his wife had said nothing about kissing or touching her yet other than to tie her to the bed.

She felt him fastening the Velcro bindings around her ankles, pulling her legs apart for easy access. She felt exposed, vulnerable. A sudden panic that the door would burst open and an audience would intrude on the scene flashed through her mind. Mirna wouldn't put them through that would she? His wife didn't want everyone to know what they were doing. Sonia took a deep breath and waited. In her current position on the bed she couldn't see his wife anymore unless she craned her neck. All she could do was listen.

"You take direction well, Greg. This is going to be fun for all of us."

"Why the bindings, Mirna? I'm not going to do anything Sonia doesn't want."

"Sonia wants this, don't you Sonia? Because if she doesn't the affair stops now. You will never be able to fuck your little mistress again."

"I'm okay, Greg. I want this. It might be fun."

"It will be fun," Mirna said. "Now, shall we get started? Remember the rules. You do only what I tell you. No improvising. Only what I tell you. Nothing more, nothing less. And Sonia, not a word from you. You do not tell him what to do more of or what to stop."

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Two new series to get your motor going - A cougar club and a seduction club

I have a lot of dirty little stories to tell and they can’t all be contained in the series I already had going so I’ve introduced two more series, with more series coming. Don’t worry if I haven’t written another story in your favourite series yet. I promise I will get to all of them at some point this year. I have to write the stories that call to me.

The past two months these two new series called to me. My new MILF series because, well, it’s hockey season. And OHL hockey is some of the best hockey you can watch outside of the NHL. Those OHL boys are old enough to be legal but young enough to make you feel naughty about thinking sexy things about them. Enter Claire and her cougar club. They take in these out of town hockey players for the season and have a boat load of sex in between games. Stories will centre around Claire and the three other members of her club as they seduce these hockey players into their beds all right under their husband’s noses. In the first story, Team MILF: The Arrival, Claire aims to seduce young Quinn on the first night.

Then there’s my seductress series. The young college girls in that series take control of their sexuality and seduce men into their beds. They get points for each man seduced. In most cases men that should be off limits. In the first story, Seducing the Man of the House, Gina seduces her stepfather into bed. And her stepfather is a cop. For the second story she has her sights set on her ethics professor. You can read Seducing Matt for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited.

So that’s a quick and dirty on the two new series. I’m working on the second story in my Sex Ambassador Section series. Other new series I’m working on - a sharing series (you can use your imagination as to what gets shared), a monster series (bigfoot, Jersey Devil and other mythical creatures will make appearances). I’ll be putting out new stories hopefully at least once a month but it all depends on the soul sucking day job.

That’s it for the quick update. I hope to blog more this year but the stories come first. I’d love to know what stories you want more of. And don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to be informed of new stories as soon as they’re live: